Intelligent Value Batch Function

Advance Counterfeit Detection

The LIDIX ML-2V series uses the latest counterfeit detection technology to scrutinize seven features: Ultraviolet, Magnetic Ink, Metallic Thread, Infrared, Image, Size, and Thickness. It can accurately detect double banknotes and half notes. If a counterfeit is detected the machine automatically rejects the banknote without getting paused, or set to pause. After the completion of counting the machine will report the reason for the rejected banknotes.

Currency Updating & PC Compatibility

To make your administrative task much easier the LIDIX ML-2V can automatically display the detailed counting report on your PC, which can later be saved and printed. The full detailed list of all the scanned serial numbers can be viewed, saved, and printed on a PC with just one click.

Denomination Sorting

This method sorts one denomination into the stacker. All other denominations are rejected into the rejection stacker.

Dual Pocket Design

LIDIX ML-2V series has a stacker commonly known as the reject pocket. This stacker automatically stacks all unrecognized or suspicious banknotes. After the counting process is done, you can view a detailed report that lists the reason for the rejected banknotes. The reject pocket is also used in the FACE and ORIENT modes to rapidly align a random stack of banknotes, all in the same direction.

Dual CIS Sensor

The Contact Image Sensor is developed and engineered in Korea, which makes it truly unique in every way. It is specially designed only for the banknote processing industry. It is fully sealed to protect against dust intrusion and has a built-in resistance to temperature changes, as these are the two common issues faced in the cash handling industry.


Print or export your count result

In order to make your administrative task even easier, the LIDIX ML-2Vseries can automatically print the serial numbers of the notes and other complete results using the optional SLK-TS400 3-inch Direct Thermal POS Printer or export them to the LIDIX CMTS software.

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